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Internal Oak Essential Palermo Fire Door

Internal Oak Essential Palermo Fire Door

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Manufactured using American white oak, our Palermo Essential Fire Door has separated panels with horizontal grovves and deep construction, making it a key door in our Fire Door range. Building regulations have never been more important than they are today, and to suit multiple different environments, we have multiple sizes to suit.

Our Essential Palermo Fire Door is fully certified for 30 minutes fire protection (FD30), when installed with fire rated linings and hardware. This door has been engineered and constructed with a solid core which offers better sound insulation and heat retention than budget imitators.

Supplied unfinished, ready for you to apply the stain or colour of your choice.

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  • FD30 Fire rating
  • Luxury deep chamfered U-grooves
  • 10 year guarantee
  • XL Joinery 7 panel design
  • Available in Colours by XL
  • Hand matched oak veneers


  • Family - Palermo
  • Finish - Unfinished
  • Material - Oak
  • Use - Fire door
  • Colours by XL - Yes
  • Colour Description - Oak
  • Texture - Natural
  • Construction - Slab
  • Construction Material - Oak veneer
  • Core Material - Particleboard
  • Core Construction Type - Engineered
  • Inlays - Yes
  • Inlay Material - Hardwood
  • Glue Resin - D3
  • Door Handing - Reversible
  • Lippings - Yes
  • Lipping Details - Lipped on all four sides
  • Lipping Material - Hardwood
  • Lipping Thickness Bottom (mm) - 11
  • Lipping Thickness Sides (mm) - 11
  • Lipping Thickness Top (mm) - 11
  • Veneer - Yes
  • Veneer Material - Solid white oak
  • Veneer Thickness (mm) - 0.6


Door Handing - Reversible

Trimmable - Yes

Overall Total Trimming Width (mm) - 4

Overall Trimming Height (mm) - 4

Maximum Trimming From Top (mm) - 2

Maximum Trimming From Bottom (mm) - 2

Maximum Trimming From Each Side (mm) - 2

Recommended Latch Size - 65mm

Door Preparation - Light sanding using 240g sand paper

Number of Hinges Required - 3

Type of Hinge Required - 4" Butt

Recommended Finish - Osmo door oil, high solid 3060 or 3033. Good quality waterbased clear varnish. Good Quality Interior Paint.

Fitting Instructions

HANDLING AND STORAGE - Doors should always be stored flat, ideally in the same room where they are to be installed. Protect the door from damp and dirt by leaving it in its protective packaging until ready for finishing and fitting. Doors should not be fitted where extremes of temperature or humidity may occur, e.g. in a newly plastered room or near a sauna. In new build situations the doors should only be fitted when the property is ready for final decoration.

INSTALLATION - When trimming a fire door to fit, 2mm can be removed from each edge of the door to a maximum reduction of 4mm in both the height and width. Any reduction must be removed evenly from each edge of the door, e.g. to trim your door by 4mm in width, remove 2mm off each side. For further information and documentation evidence please complete the fire certificate request form from the XL Joinery website. Three hinges should be used to hang all doors, to prevent warping or bowing. Latches and locks should not be fitted adjacent to door mid-rails where the joint may be compromised. All hardware screw holes should be pre-drilled to prevent splitting of the timber.

FINISHING - Doors will require a light sanding prior to finishing using a fine grade sandpaper (grit number 240 or 320). All timber surfaces should be fully finished. Failure to treat all the timber surfaces may lead to excessive changes in moisture content which will cause the timber to shrink or swell, possibly causing splits and distortion. Please refer to the finish manufacturer’s application instructions for further details. Use a good quality paint, stain or varnish suitable for veneered doors. Apply first coat of finish immediately after unpacking doors from protective packaging. Apply coats equally to all faces and edges including the top and bottom of the door prior to final fitting. Use the same number of coats for lock, latch and hinge cut-outs.

DO NOT - Use oils, wax, dyes or preservative treatments Use thinned/mixed paints or stains. Mix incompatible products, e.g. paint on one door face and stain on the opposite face.

MAINTENANCE - To prolong the natural beauty of your door regularly clean the surface with a damp cloth. If the finish appears to fade after a few years simply apply a single coat of finish to renew its lustre.


  • FSC Certified - No
  • Fire Rated - Yes
  • Fire Rating - 30 Minutes
  • Manufacturers Warranty - Yes
  • Full or Limited Warranty - Limited
  • Warranty Length - 10 Years